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REaT – Reducing Poverty and Promoting Inclusion for ROMA in Dublin’s Inner City

Roma Employment and Training Programme (REaT)

  • Access to Education – formal and informal; it is widely recognised that literacy and English language issues are widespread in the Roma community and we aim to offer at least basic tools in that area. We can assist in accessing specific grants for students from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • Access to Training – possible job opportunities (skilled and unskilled) are dependent on relatively short timed courses that we can facilitate access to (i.e. manual handling, safe pass, etc);
  • Access to Social Welfare (Social Welfare applications) – where necessary to improve the condition of our service users in order to progress towards employment;
  • Access to Health Services – again, as a support in improving the general situation of our service users;
  • Guidance and Support in developing and managing Social Enterprise Activities (where the need arises);
  • Signposting towards other specific support organisations when the need arises;
  • Tailored Supports for members of the Roma community for specific needs, such as Applications for Personal Public Service numbers (PPS), identification of translation/interpretation services, habitual residence paperwork/evidence, or any other support relevant to the programme;
  • Access to Employment – through strategic partnerships with employers and through active supports both pre employment (CV writing, interview skills) and during employment.

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Dublin City Community Co-operative

Unit 1 Killarney Court, Buckingham Street, Dublin 1.

Phone: 087 288 4584

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